Hello and Welcome to Our Blog

Hello and welcome to Shorty’s RV Adventures.

Shorty (also known as Tony) and Ann have been travelling for a number of years but, unlike some of our caravanning friends, have not shared those adventures in an open blog.

That’s now changed and here we are blogging like the rest of them!

The plan is to start off blogging on our 2013 Big Adventure.

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6 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to Our Blog

  1. Colin Steel

    Hi Tony and Ann hope you have a safe adventure , looking forward to reading your blog.


  2. Amanda

    Wow Ann & Tony that is a big beast. Looks like it is pretty luxurious. Look forward to seeing you up on the sunny coast in August. Amanda & David. X


    • Do you still think we’ll fit in your garden?


      • Amanda

        Chatting to David he thinks the only issue might be coming up the drive way (if at all) as it curls around in spots. You would definitely fit in the grounds. We have had a moving/shipping container on a truck get in & out successfully. At worst you could leave it on the front lawn. Plenty of space there & our street is very quiet. Only locals travelling down it as it hits a dead end further down the road.


  3. Geez Colin…you’re lurking around everywhere!


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