Days 93 to 95 – Cobar

We have loved the last few days we have spent here in Cobar Caravan Park.  Overnight temperatures have been near zero, but every day has had clear skies and it has been wonderfully warm out in the sunshine.

Not surprisingly, therefore, we have spent a lot of time outside.  We have a huge site in a quiet corner of the park so there is plenty of room to move the chairs around to stay in the sun and we are not disturbed by noise from passing traffic.  It’s the perfect place to relax reading the paper, catching up with our books, and Ann has done some hand quilting sitting outside.  Bertha is looking much cleaner and shinier, as I have also had time to spend some time on cleaning chores, although the high bits will have to wait until we finally get home.

Enjoying the Sunshine at Cobar

We have met some very interesting people and have seen some very interesting sights here in the caravan park.  Just watching some SUVs tackle the speed humps with their caravans can be quite exciting!  Many of the people we have met are Victorians who have made a late start heading North.  John, our next-door neighbour comes from Ferntree Gully and it turns out that we have travelled to many of the same places over the years.  We’re pretty certain that we’ll meet up with him on the road again at some time.

Just this afternoon 3 Avida caravans arrived and basically encircled us – it almost looks like a mini-meeting of the Avida RV Club here in Cobar.

There are 4 Avida RVs in this picture

There are plenty of birds around and we have spent hours calmly observing our feathered friends and trying to identify them from our Field Guide to Australian Birds.  There are many different varieties that come to visit and trying to identify them all has been a very interesting exercise.  Ann made a mistake by feeding the birds outside Bertha with some left-over bread crusts and it seems that we have made some friends for life.  As soon as we open the door our new friends start to gather.  They’re not shy either, and we have had them land on our feet and one even perched on my coffee cup as a vantage point whilst looking for food.

With such fine weather we have, of course, cooked outside, and even then our new feathered friends are on the lookout for a handout.


Not all our time has been spent in the caravan park.  It’s a long walk into the centre of town so we packed up Bertha and found a car park close to the main street.  Cobar is a very nice small town with all the facilities a traveller might need.  It doesn’t, however, take all that very long to walk from one end of the main street to the other, it just depends on where you get distracted along the way.  Ann found the Cobar Quilt Shop and she spent some very pleasurable time there, and made a few purchases.  I love browsing in bookshops and newsagents so I was also able to spend some quality time looking at things and I made a few purchases as well.

Cobar has plenty of heritage buildings, including hotels, and the huge beer can outside one of the hotels is a real landmark!  The Post Office is, as usual in most country towns, an interesting building and there is a huge fig tree nearby which caught my attention.  Some of the cafes that were here last time have gone but new ones have opened up to replace them.  We found a great spot for lunch one day almost by accident – we went into a nice looking gift shop and once inside it looked as though they were serving coffee from a counter right down the back of the shop. In fact there was a small café with a nice range of light meals and a couple of tables and chairs.  There was a door out to a great courtyard where we had a very tasty lunch under an umbrella shaded from the sun.

Views around Cobar

Views around Cobar

Views around Cobar

Tomorrow we will probably leave Cobar and head a little further South.

We’re still thoroughly enjoying the Motorhome Experience.

Sunset at Cobar Caravan Park

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