About Us

Shorty (also known as Tony) and Ann are retired adventurers.

We had always planned to travel as our working life drew to a close and bought our Trailblazer 5th wheeler and BT-50 Ute “rig” at the end of 2009.

Since then we have both fully retired and have had some fantastic adventures travelling around Australia which we have documented in this blog.

However, we sold the Trailblazer and BT-50 Ute in 2015 and as a result didn’t have a significant RV Adventure that year.

In March 2016 we took delivery of our new Avida Birdsville motorhome and are now looking forward to many more years of RV Adventuring.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. barbara & len

    glad u are having a good time love all the news letters, seems u are not the only ones having bad weather. we had 75mm rain friday night so the gardens look good, hoping u get better weather than we are having. hope u are both well just enjoy the trip. Take care barb & len


  2. Isabella Shaw

    Hey there travellers! Your trip sounds fantastic. Keep on trucking.. er.. rigging.
    love, Isabella


  3. Deborah Shaw

    Since when were you called Shorty?


  4. Deborah Shaw

    The Rig is gorgeous – want to swap the ute for a Prius? Well maybe not but I’ve always wanted a ute you see. Travels look great. We’ve just had hail stones; impressived?


  5. Mike Peeters

    Hi Tony great blog – really enjoying your adventures! lol Mike


    • Hi Mike
      Thanks for your interest in our blog. Apart from being a Collingwood supporter, I have no family links to Tony Shaw!


  6. Mike Peeters

    No problems…go the Pies!!


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