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2013 Big Adventure – Recap

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2013 Big Adventure and have been to some fantastic places all around Australia, have seen some magical scenery, have met some wonderful new friends, and hopefully have taken some decent photos.  We do have great memories, plus now have this blog to look back on.

The low-tech, hand-crafted map below will hopefully provide a bit of an idea as to where we went on our 2013 Big Adventure, and also where we didn’t go.  Our 2014 Big Adventure is likely to fill in some of those gaps, especially around South Australia and Western Australia.  Only time will tell.

Map of our 2013 Big Adventure

Map of our 2013 Big Adventure

As a male, it seems appropriate that I share a few statistics about our journey:

  • Total distance covered was 15,999 kilometres
  • Total diesel used was 2,398.75 litres at a total cost of $4,041.41
  • Average price of diesel was 168.25 cents per litre
  • Highest price paid for diesel was 198.90 – at Nullabor Roadhouse
  • Average fuel consumption for the entire trip was 14.99 litres/100 km
  • Longest distance travelled between refills was 733 km

Finally, we would like to say a special thank you to those who have followed Ann and I in our 2013 Big Adventure and have contributed to our journey through their comments and good wishes.

Stay tuned ………


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