Day 102 – Cowra to Young

It was almost warm when we woke this morning and I started the day wearing a t-shirt.

Unfortunately Ann seems to have picked up a bug or something and is not feeling well, so today was a very slow and easy day.

After topping up the fuel in Cowra we turned onto the Olympic Highway and drove through some more beautiful Australian country-side.  Sheep seemed to dominate in the livestock stakes, although we did see several paddocks with cattle.  The pleasing news is that many of the dams appear to be nearly full, with many having cattle and/or sheep around them.

Scenes along the way

We drove through a couple of small towns including Koorawatha, although in most cases it was a matter of “blink and you miss it”.  Koorawatha did have an impressive hotel though.

Views around Koorawatha

There were some buildings and some earth-works that had us a bit confused, but otherwise it was beautiful countryside and quite good quality roads.  There was very little traffic in either direction.

Scenes along the way

After a distance of about 70 kms we arrived in Young.  We came here last year as part of our plan to escape floods and detours on our way to Canberra.  As it was late and wet when we arrived last year we didn’t see much of the town, but this time the weather was more amenable to a drive around town at least.

Views around Young

Views around Young

Young was founded in 1831 and gold was found in 1860 but these days the town is better known for its cherries, orchards, vineyards, olive groves and strawberry farms.  A cherry festival is held in December every year.

Many of the buildings in town date back to the late 1880s and early 1900s, although these days many of those buildings are being used quite differently to their original purpose.

Other than heritage buildings, there is some considerably more modern buildings and complexes.  Young has a Big W and a Woolworths, a Mitre 10, a Rivers and other stores we weren’t expecting to see in a country town this size.

Views around Young

Views around Young

As we drove through late on Sunday morning we were surprised that so many shops were open and that parking spots were hard to find.

After a bit of a reconnoiter we checked in at the Young Tourist Park, where Ann had already booked our accommodation.  We have a great site in a quiet corner but still very close to amenities, BBQs, etc.  The pool is closed, not surprising.

Bertha happy in Young Tourist Park – before the rain started

Once power, water and sullage were organized, we walked a couple of hundred metres to Aldi, to pick up some supplies.  As we returned to Bertha we felt some raindrops.  This wasn’t totally unexpected as showers and rain were predicted in this morning’s weather forecast.  The last stretch back to Bertha was done at a slow jog!

After lunch in Bertha the rain stopped for a while so I was able to clean some of the bugs off Bertha while Ann rested.  The rain did return and according to the evening news we may be looking forward to rain and showers over the next few days.

Still enjoying the motorhome experience, but not the weather so much!

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