Day 1 – Melbourne to Painters Island Caravan Park Wangaratta

After cleaning and tidying the house ready for our house sitter, we slept in the Trailblazer in the back garden last night. Our neighbours were sure that we would freeze but on the contrary, we were so warm and comfortable that we actually slept in this morning! After packing a few more things and having a good laugh, we said good bye to our lovely neighbours and headed north towards Wangaratta.

The road works around the Western Highway before you get on to the Hume are nearly finished and it is a good run but when it is finished and has more signage, it will be fantastic.

We actually left home at 11am and drove 157 km to a very nice rest area (Grass Tree) about 20 km south of Euroa for a lovely picnic lunch in the sun.

We stopped again at Maccas just before the Wangaratta turnoff for a coffee and apple pie break.

We had a great run today with great driving weather and light traffic.

Total distance travelled was 295 kms which is a good effort for Tony who has rarely driven since his recent illness.  A great start to our 2013 Big Adventure.

11 am - Ready to leave home

11 am – Ready to leave home

4 pm at Painters Island Caravan Park

4 pm at Painters Island Caravan Park

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