Shorty’s 2016 Big Adventure – Destination Unknown

After selling our trusty Trailblazer 5th wheeler and BT-50 Ute last year and missing out on a 2015 Big Adventure, we’re jumping out of our skins to get going on our first Big RV Adventure for 2016.

A few weeks ago we took delivery of a new Avida Birdsville motorhome and we’re in the final stages of getting set to head off into the wild blue yonder.  We’ve had a few days away at Lakes Entrance getting the feel of things and enjoying the seafood.


Within the next few weeks we’ll take Bertha the Birdsville back to Avida for her first “run-in” service and then we’ll be off.

At this stage we’re still tossing up which direction to head off in for a start, but it will probably involve the ocean.  Later we’ll probably head inland and then maybe back to the seaside.

We’re very excited to be on the road again!!!

Stay tuned ……

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3 thoughts on “Shorty’s 2016 Big Adventure – Destination Unknown

  1. Congrats on your new purchase.
    Hopefully, our paths may cross somewhere in this magnificent country.


    • Thanks Frosty. Your own 2016 adventure is an inspiration and there will no doubt be places where our paths will cross again.


  2. Will be interesting to see how you find motorhome travel, after previous trips, with 4WD and towing. Looking forward to the next instalment.


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