Shorty’s 2014 Townsville Adventure – Recap

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2014 Townsville Adventure and are really pleased that we could add our memories and photos to our Shorty’s RV Adventures blog. Having our adventures recorded in this way does make it so easy to track back and relive the great times we have had on our RV adventures.

On all our adventures we have been to some wonderful new places, revisited some places we have been to before, made some great new friends, have seen some magical scenery, have endured good and bad weather, and have generally had a great time.

Our 2014 Townsville Adventure was special in part because we were joined by our daughter Katie and her partner Mick, and our son Phil and his wife Tracey and daughters Alex and Emily, who were all able to spend some precious family time with us in Townsville.  We also unexpectedly caught up with Ann’s brother Kevin and his wife Lynn (again in Townsville).  We also unexpectedly caught up with fellow Trailblazer adventurer Frosty in Sapphire; our friends Neville and Mary at Maloolooba; and friends Joe and Denise in Euroa.  Plus we were again  able to spend time with long time travelling friends David and Faye in Maroochydore.

Here are a few statistics about our 2014 Townsville Adventure:

  • Total distance covered was 9,269 kilometres
  • Total diesel used was 1,368.60 litres at a total cost of $2,206.59
  • Average price of diesel was 160.82 cents per litre
  • Highest price paid for diesel was 205.90 cents per litre – at Belyando Crossing, Qld
  • Average fuel consumption for the entire trip was 14.77 litres/100 km
  • Longest distance travelled between refills was 831 km (average 421.32 km)
  • Number of blown tyres was One (one too many at that)


We’re not finished travelling yet …. stay tuned for more of Shorty’s RV Adventures.




Here’s a very low technology map of where we went on our 2014 Townsville Adventure.

Shorty's 2014 Townsville Adventure

Shorty’s 2014 Townsville Adventure

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