Ceduna – Day 3

We were prepared to head off this morning but the wind was relentless all night and continued all day today.  It has been raining off and on but the wind was going to make the day very unpleasant.  After checking the weather maps and a quick chat with the proprietors of the caravan park, we decided to extend our stay here another day and not risk the weather across the Nullarbor.  There are several other vans here in the caravan park that are also waiting for the weather to improve.

The bird life is amazing.  There was one little bird this morning, about the size of an Indian Minor, but it was a soft velvety grey colour, and it had the most amazing call – 3 whistles and then 1 very loud clear sound almost like a bellbird.  It had been sitting just outside the door of the van serenading us.  Ann managed to get the attached photo if anyone can identify it.  It was very shy and seemed to blend into the foliage.

Unidentified Bird with amazing call

Unidentified Bird with amazing call

We spent the morning reading and emailing and after lunch the rain had stopped so we went for a walk to the beach.  Once we reached the point of no return, our big black cloud found us again and we ran for cover to a shelter on the beach, but the rain was horizontal and still managed to soak us!

When it eased we decided to continue on but it was obvious that more rain was not far away so we returned to the van to change and dry off.  We were very happy with our decision not to hit the road today.

Hopefully we head off tomorrow!

Interesting Facts about Ceduna:

  • It is located on the Far West Coast of South Australia on the shores of Murat Bay on the Great Australian Bight.
  • It is approximately 780 kms from Adelaide and 1900 road kms from Perth.
  • Ceduna calls itself the Oyster Capital of Australia and hosts the annual Oysterfest on the SA long weekend in October.
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One thought on “Ceduna – Day 3

  1. faye

    where thinking it is an Inland Thornbill, but i will send it to Heather for an opinion,


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