Ceduna – Day 2

After a beautiful sunset last night and a walk on the beach, we had just settled down to dinner and the skies opened up – our rain cloud had found us again!  The drumming of the rain on the roof didn’t stop us both having a great sleep after our long day on the road.

Today has gone from bright sunshine to squally rain and back again all day.  Quite unpleasant!

This morning we headed out to Thevenard to visit the fresh fish processors as Ann was dying to get some fresh fish.  Both factories appeared to be closed, much to Ann’s huge disappointment.  However, on our way back into Ceduna, there was a large funeral underway and we suspect there might be a connection.

Anyway, Bill’s fish and chicken shop [next door to Bill’s pizza and pasta] advertises that they cook up local fish so I placated Ann with a serve of fresh grilled fish and salad, cooked by Bill.  It was delicious so we were very happy campers again.

We also visited IGA to do some shopping for the next several days as there is not likely to be a supermarket where we are heading.  And yes, we finally got some milk!

Between rain storms we had a bit more of a walk around the caravan park.  With the weather we’ve had we are very pleased that we were allocated such a nice large and protected site.

The amenities blocks here are quite different to what we have seen before on this trip.  Each small block includes a couple of toilets, plus a family bathroom, and a couple of shower/toilet combinations.  They are even netted to keep out the flies and make one’s visit a more pleasant experience.  All are very clean and well maintained.

It has been nice to have a slow day and come back to our comfortable, cosy van to sit and read out of the weather.  With a limited range of TV channels here, a DVD might be the go this evening.

Ceduna Day 2

Ceduna Day 2

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