Day 70 – Warloch to Banka Banka Station

We slept like logs and woke to thick soupy fog!  Where have our clear blue skies gone – smoke one day and fog the next !!?!  The weather was so ‘moist’ that it triggered the sensor in our skylight and automatically closed it!

These conditions did not stop some intrepid travelers leaving at 6.00 am in dark soupy fog – rocks in their heads!

We set off later in foggy drizzle and passed 2 cyclists who obviously did not realize how hard it was to see them, especially on a busy 2 lane major highway.  Pity the poor truckies having to deal with cyclists and walkers!  By 8.45am the highway was very busy in both directions.

Foggy Morning at Warloch Rest Area


Solo walker on the Stuart Highway

Some big trucks on the road

As we drove through Larrimah, we controlled ourselves and did not stop at Fran’s Devonshire Tea house for another whacky adventure!  We did, however, notice that her café was full of unwary victims!!

We passed on Fran’s Devonshire Tea!

After Larrimah the sun came out and there was a constant stream of RVs travelling north.  We decided that they must have been evacuees from the Daly Waters Pub, about 80kms south.

We stopped at the Daly Waters Inn to refuel (diesel was $149.9 per litre) and have a look around as we have not stopped here before.  As we arrived an Asian lady was leaving – she had booked her site and her dinner tonight – we’re pretty sure that she was at the wrong Daly Waters pub – apparently many travelers get confused and end up visiting both.

Daly Waters HiWay Inn – this is not Daly Waters Heritage Pub!

We continued south to Newcastle Waters Rest area for lunch.  The place was packed with RVers who had the same idea.  Most were coming in the opposite direction though.

Newcastle Waters Rest Area

As we drove through Elliott, the police were stopping all traffic in both directions for breath and drug testing. Happy to say, I passed.

Scenes of Elliott

Scenes along the way

View of Renner Springs as we went passed

We were soon on our way to Banka Banka Station for the night.

Welcome to Banka Banka Station

We stayed here in 2013 and there were less than 20 vans here and it was great.  Word has got out and the place was packed.  It’s a bit hard to describe this place – Banka Banka describes itself as a campground, and it is listed in the Camps book as a campground, but in many ways it seems like a caravan park.  Even though we arrived at the reasonable time of 3.30 pm, we were only able to secure an unpowered site in an overflow paddock.  We were, however, near the camels – Willy and Snowy – and the donkeys – Donkey and Jenny!!  They were all very healthy, well fed and friendly.

Views around Banka Banka Station

Views around Banka Banka Station

Enjoying the friendly donkeys and camels at Banka Banka Station

We counted close to 100 motorhomes, caravans and other campers. There were lots of families and kids and Banka Banka put on a big campfire and a large group sat around until about 9.30pm.  There is a really lovely atmosphere here.

Camp Fire at Banka Banka Station

No power, no mobile and no TV tonight.

Sunset at Banka Banka

About 1.00am a very strong wind blew up and campers around the park could be heard outside battening down awnings and other gear left out overnight.

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