Day 48 – Glen Helen to Ross River Resort

After another freezing cold night we woke to a cloudless blue sky and glorious sunshine reflecting on the magnificent sheer rock face.  After packing up we drove back down Namatjira Drive for a few kilometres to Ormiston Gorge.

Scenery on the way to Ormiston Gorge from Glen Helen

On the way into Ormiston Gorge

Our first walk was an easy one on a well paved pathway to the waterhole.  It was beautiful scenery all along the path and especially at the waterhole itself.

Welcome to Ormiston Gorge

Scenes along the way to the waterhole

Ormiston Gorge Waterhole

Ormiston Gorge Waterhole

Scenes at Ormiston Gorge waterhole

Coming back to the carpark we decided to then tackle the Ghost Gum Walk.  This is rated as medium and is quite steep and narrow in places.  To complete this walk you are also required to walk through cold water.

Start of the Ghost Gum Walk

Scenes along the Ghost Gum Walk

Scenes along the Ghost Gum Walk

The Ghost Gum Walk takes you along the edge of the gorge and up many well-made stairs.  In places there are metal balustrades as a safety measure and something to hang onto.  We both made it to the main lookout, which is a sizeable metal structure that can only have been lifted in by helicopter.  From the lookout platform there were views across to the carpark and camping area, plus along the creek and the gorge itself.  Spectacular views to say the least!

Scenes along the Ghost Gum Walk

Scenes along the Ghost Gum Walk

Main Lookout on the Ghost Gum Walk

Scenes from the Lookout on the Ghost Gum Walk

Scenes from the Lookout on the Ghost Gum Walk

From the lookout the path continued along the rock wall and down to the creek, through the creek, and eventually back in a loop to the main parking area.  We decided to return back the way we had come and enjoy the views from a different perspective.  It is amazing the difference that the direction of the sun can make at times!

Back at the carpark we enjoyed a very good coffee at the kiosk.

Kiosk at Ormiston Gorge

This is a fantastic spot!  The amenities are great and the campground looked very good.  It is quite small and today it was packed – it operates on a first come first served basis.

From Ormiston Gorge we headed back East to Alice Springs.  We stopped for lunch in Bertha at the Desert Park which has nice big sites and is just off the road.

Scenes from Ormiston Gorge to Alice Springs

Refreshed, we headed further East down the Ross Highway to Ross River Homestead and Resort for the night.  This was another interesting drive through spectacular scenery, although the road did revert to a single lane as we got closer to the resort.  Fortunately there was no other traffic but it does keep you on your toes!

Scenes from Alice Springs

Scenes from Alice Springs

Road narrows to single lane

Narrow road continues

4WD Binns Track or Ross River Resort?

At Ross River there is a heritage homestead and restaurant, with a reception area.  This is clearly a working property and it is interesting to see the assortment of vehicles, machinery, shedding, and so on.

Arrival at Ross River Resort

Scenes at Ross River Resort

Scenes at Ross River Resort

The camp ground is about 1 km away from the homestead and is set amongst magnificent gum trees and surrounded by the spectacular East MacDonald Ranges (just yesterday we were in the West MacDonald Ranges).

Arriving at the Campground at Ross River Resort

Sites here are large and spacious.  They have power but again the water is undrinkable.  Fire pits of some description are provided through-out the camp area.  The amenities can best be described as primitive.

Parked at Ross River Resort

Scenes at Ross River Resort

We were quite tired after a long walk and then a decent drive, so after a walk around the camping area we returned into Bertha where Ann rustled up a magnificent meal.  We then settled in to watch a movie (no mobile, internet or TV is available).

Observation:  No Pets are allowed in most of the areas we have travelled through recently.

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