Day 21 – Salt Creek to Kings Canyon

We woke to a cold morning and turned on the diesel heater before breakfast.  The sun soon warmed up the day.

It was interesting to see dingo/dog footprints all around the camp area.  Perhaps what we heard last night was a rallying call to come and hunt for some food scraps from the tourists?  I suspect that they would have been disappointed as we were a very tidy bunch.  The rubbish bins have heavy metal grill lids on them too.

Not in any particular hurry, we soon headed off along Luritja Road towards Kings Canyon.

Scenes along the way

Scenes along the way

This was not an enjoyable drive.  Although the road surface itself is generally very good, the road needs to be at least a metre wider – it is 2 very skinny lanes and overtaking can be a real issue.  The sides of the road are very jagged and deep and would do some real damage to tyres if you went off the main road surface. Remnants of tyres along both sides of the road are a testament to this problem.

Ragged edges to the road

The situation is made worse by there being no opportunities to pull off the road for any reason for about 75 kilometres at Kings Creek Station.  This place was a very welcome stop.  We bought a couple of very tasty coffees and had a look around.  They offer various types of accommodation, sell fuel ($2.13 for unleaded, $1.98 for diesel), have a café and gift shop, and offer tours of the immediate region, including helicopter tours.  The pet cockatoo Charlie was very photogenic.

Kings Creek Station

Charlie the Cocky at Kings Creek Station

Chopper getting ready for take-off

Camels and Donkey at Kings Creek Station

Some further 40 kms along the road we arrived at Kings Canyon Resort.  This is a lovely secluded complex – there is no TV, mobile or internet but that’s the whole point.  They offer “a private audience with an ancient land” and that is exactly what you get.  It is so peaceful here – loaded with views, shaded areas, and hundreds of happy birds.  There are signs everywhere warning not to feed the dingoes, and there are special dingo doors on all the amenities blocks as well.  I did see a very healthy dingo wandering around but didn’t have my camera at the time.

Kings Canyon Resort

Beware of Dingoes at Kings Canyon Resort

After checking in at Reception we found our site, set up Bertha and had a good walk to explore the complex.  The facilities are great and the views are amazing.  This resort is nowhere near as big as Ayres Rock Resort, but it does have its own, peaceful feel.

Today is Tracey’s birthday so we found a pay ‘phone and called her.  Our grand-daughters first question was “what’s a pay ‘phone” so we have included a photo for Alex and Emily.

What’s a payphone Nana?

We continued our walk around the resort and stopped for a welcome cold beer at the Thirsty Dingo Bar.  There are several catering options here including the “Under the Desert Moon” 5 course degustation under the stars, Carmichael’s contemporary restaurant, the Outback Bar & Grill, and the Thirsty Dingo Bar.  There is also a general store with quite a wide range of goods and souvenirs, a fuel station, and very importantly, a dump point.  Other facilities in the resort include a swimming pool and tennis courts.

Thirsty Dingo Bar at Kings Canyon Resort

Thirsty Dingo Bar at Kings Canyon Resort

Back at Bertha we had a quiet sit before heading out to the Sunset Viewing Platform.  This is a good vantage point and quite a few people gathered there to see the sunset.  Champagne, wine, beer and other cold drinks were on sale too – how civilised!

Sunset at the Viewing Platform

Sunset at the Viewing Platform

Sunset over the rocks was very impressive and we could see the rocks changing colour.  What was even more impressive was the fast rising moon.

There’s a Pale Moon Arisin’

Then it was back to Bertha for a light tea before some reading and an early night.


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  1. Carole Westbrook

    Love the moon shots! Looking forward to hearing about your Kings Canyon walk. We absolutely loved it! More than yulara.


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