Day 7 – Burra to Port Augusta

WOW!! Winter must be here! The weather bureau forecast 4 degrees overnight, and this time it’s pretty certain they got it right!  Freezing this morning after a night with heavy rain and strong buffeting winds. At least it was nice and cosy in our Tardis.

We drove into Burra and parked in Ann’s favourite street outside her favourite stone houses before walking from one end of the shopping centre to the other.  We stopped for delicious coffee at Burra Fresh then visited Coopers Butchers for some of their award winning saltbush lamb sausages, as recommended by our friend PK.  We also bought some lamb back-strap and some other meat – if we’re going to eat dead animal we’re going to eat tasty dead animal!  We also stopped at the bakery for some fresh bread and at the IGA supermarket for milk, water, fruit and vegetables.  Now we have fully restocked after our quarantine inspection!

Views of Burra

Views of Burra

After making our contribution to the Burra economy we headed north along the Barrier Highway.  It wasn’t long before we were stunned to see a wind farm of 35 to 40 wind turbines, but only 2 or 3 were actually turning and generating electricity!  And it was a very windy day!  Doesn’t say much for being able to rely on wind power for energy production that’s for sure.

Wind Turbines not generating electricity

Hallett was our next stop to check out a potential free camp at the recreation reserve and on the way we spotted the very interestingly named Wildongoleechie Hotel.

Wildongoleechie Hotel in Hallett

Continuing along the highway toward Peterborough we couldn’t help but notice how dry the landscape was and that many creeks and dams still look empty – we assume that the farmers must be enjoying the recent rain!

Dry landscape on the way to Peterborough

As we drove into Peterborough we noticed that the road was quite wet and once we parked the wind and rain started again.  We have stayed in Peterborough a few times and decided to just have a quick lunch in Bertha and watch life in the main street.

Welcome signs indicates that Peterborough is a rail town!

Refreshed, we headed for Port Augusta in sunshine but it didn’t last very long.  As we approached Orroroo we could see the rain ahead of us and we did end up driving in and out of a rain cloud.

We drove through a rain cloud

Views of Orroroo

On the road to Wilmington

We continued through Orroroo and Wilmington and then through the challenging Horrocks Pass, which we have been through several times.  Taking things easy and ignoring the lead foot behind us ensured that we negotiated this very steep section of road without incident – the photos don’t quite reflect exactly how steep this pass is.

Views of Horrocks Pass

From Horrocks Pass we simply stayed on the road into Port Augusta – although we have driven through Port Augusta several times we have never stayed here.  After bypassing the city centre and going over the bridges, we secured a nice site at the Port August Discovery Caravan Park.  Dinner tonight was somewhat predictable – delicious saltbush lamb sausages cooked on the BBQ!

Coming into Port Augusta

Tomorrow, from Port Augusta we will be heading further North, so we will make sure that tyres are pumped up, batteries are fully charged, water tanks are full, etc.

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