Shorty’s 2016 Big Maroochydore Adventure – Recap

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2016 Big Maroochydore Adventure and we have been to some wonderful new places, revisited some places we have been to before, made some great new friends, have seen some magical scenery, have endured good and bad weather, and have generally had a great time.

Importantly, we are extremely happy with Bertha, our Avida Birdsville motorhome, and the comfort in which we travel and camp, both short-term and longer term, as we did in Cotton Tree/Maroochydore.  We have enjoyed the mixture of travel using Bertha, public transport, bus tours, rental cars, and the sheer pleasure of walking.

Here are a few statistics about our 2016 Big Maroochydore Adventure:

  • Total distance covered was 4,708 kilometres over 3 months including nearly 10 weeks at Cotton Tree/Maroochydore
  • Total diesel used was 585 litres at a total cost of $699.
  • Average price of diesel was 119.63 cents per litre
  • Highest price paid for diesel was 125.90 cents per litre – at Narrabri, NSW
  • Average fuel consumption for the entire trip was about 12 litres/100 km (including diesel used for heating)
  • Longest distance travelled between refills was 679 km (average 540 km)

Included below is our usual “low tech” map of our 2016 Big Maroochydore Adventure.


We’re not finished travelling yet …. stay tuned for more of Shorty’s RV Adventures.




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