Days 13 – 15 – Roma Gun Club

We are extremely happy that we decided to move from St George to Roma as part of our plan to miss the worst of the thunderstorms/flooding/mini-cyclones that have hit various parts of Queensland over the last few days.

Saturday started off with quite reasonable weather early but by lunchtime there were splatters of rain on Bertha’s roof.  The entire population of the Gun Club camp ground immediately stirred into action as awnings were taken down, washing hung out to dry in the wind was brought in, TV aerials were wound down, and last minute dashes were made to the amenities just in case we were all caught inside our respective mobile homes for an extended period.

The light rain lasted all of 15 minutes before it petered out, so life returned to a nervous ‘normal’.

We didn’t go to happy hour at the club later in the afternoon and neither did very many others as the weather was not looking nice at all.  By mid-evening the wind blew up and the rain poured down.  The downpour continued all night.  At least we were safe and dry in Bertha and on asphalt, not grass or gravel as we would have been in many other places.

Sunday morning the skies were still overcast and everything was very wet.

Wet here at Roma Gun Club

Wet here at Roma Gun Club


Looking out our back window.

There was a very wide variety of vehicles here at the gun club including caravans, motorhomes, camper-trailers, roof-top tents and a bus.  Very few left on Sunday preferring to stay here as the wet weather continued.

Monday morning started out fine but overcast although the sun did shine through occasionally.  The temperature has been hovering in the low teens most of the day and the wind has been quite strong.  Quite a few of the people here decided to make a move but after we saw the damage at Mooloolaba last night we decided to stay put another day and let things fine up and dry out before we headed off.

The last few days here have given us a bit of a break and time to catch up on a number of things.  Just so you know Downunda – we haven’t been to a café in days, although we do have some discount vouchers for Bakearoma, compliments of the gun club!

In anticipation of better weather for the next few days we plan on leaving Roma tomorrow and heading east towards the coast.

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2 thoughts on “Days 13 – 15 – Roma Gun Club

  1. Colin Steel

    Hi Tony I’m crossing the Nullarbor and Playing the Nullabor Links golf course ,we have had good weather since Port Augusta hope the weather gets better for the rest of your trip.


    • Good to hear from you Colin – hope the golf goes well. The weather appears to be clearing up so hopefully we’ve seen the last of the storms. Just great to be back on the road.



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