Recap – Shorty’s 2016 Short SA Adventure

What a great Short trip we had to South Australia and back!

Here’s our usual hand-crafted, low tech map of our trip.

Map of our 2016 Short Adventure

Map of our 2016 Short Adventure

Bertha has now had a good clean and is looking so much better for it.

Bertha gets a bath.

Bertha gets a bath.

This short trip was in effect a longer shakedown trip than Lakes Entrance.  We travelled just over 3,300 kilometres over 17 days, including A class highways, B class roads, and on some occasions C class roads. Bertha handled herself well over all road conditions so long as we drove according to the conditions.  Over that distance we were also reminded of road hazards in the form of very fast travelling road trains, and Oversize/Wide Loads.

Fuel economy over the trip was around 14.5 litres/100 km. We’re pretty happy with that result because we often encountered very high winds which has an obvious negative impact on fuel economy.  On a longer trip and with less concentrated windy weather, we would expect an even better result.

We love driving Bertha with the high driver position and living in Bertha is very comfortable.

Overall, our 2016 Short Adventure was a great success.

It was also a quick reconnoitre of South Australia and there are quite a few places we have visited very briefly and which are now definitely on the list for a much longer stay next time.

Still living the dream …..

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One thought on “Recap – Shorty’s 2016 Short SA Adventure

  1. Anne

    Hi Tony, Your short trip to SA sounded great and Bertha seemed to handle the roads well. Next time you will have to go further afield. Anne


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