Wangaratta – Day 3

After a cold morning, it was a lovely day here in Wangaratta today.

Painters Island is a lovely van park especially at this time of year with the trees changing colour.

We went for a long walk into town this morning.  From Painters Island you walk across the new swing bridge to Café Pre Vue.  Sit by the fire and experience great coffee and good food.  The trouble is that more people have found it and the whole precinct is being redeveloped.  We will have to learn to share “our place”.  It was a good place to start exploring the town.  There seems to be a lot of development happening here at the moment.  It is a lovely town with fantastic family friendly facilities.

I spent the afternoon sorting my photos from Winton while Ann cooked up a storm using up our fresh produce rather than throw it out at quarantine check-points further up the highway.

All going well, we plan to leave here tomorrow and decide where we are going once we hear the weather reports.

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One thought on “Wangaratta – Day 3

  1. Downunda

    Your fans are being cheated here… Where’s the photos of the coffee and the coffee shop???


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