Day 29 – Winton to Longreach

We left Winton about 10 am to finally head back south.

Leaving the Matilda Country Caravan Park

Leaving the Matilda Country Caravan Park

Big Truck on our way back South

Big Truck on our way back South

It was a bad road but we were making good time until 19 km north of Longreach a car flicked a stone into our windscreen which resulted in a big star about the size of a 50c coin. We pulled into Longreach and checked with the O’Brien’s Windscreens representative there. They needed the Ute without the van for a couple of hours so we checked into Longreach Tourist Park again. This time we were given a drive through site in the newer area of the park. Very spacious and the brand new amenities were really nice and definitely much better than the old end where we had stayed last time.

I took the Ute to have the windscreen fixed. Fortunately the damage could be repaired so we did not need to replace the windscreen.

Later we had a refreshing drink or two at the Woolshed Bar followed by pasta for tea in the van.

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