Day 5 – Wangaratta

The weather changed again and it was freezing this morning – somewhere around minus 2 degrees. It warmed up and became a nice sunny day after 10 am. Ann was able to hang towels outside on clothes horse to dry for a change and it was great to see everything drying out a bit.

I spent most of the morning working on my photos from the Winton Historics as I had to sort through the 1,500 or so photos I had taken and prepare them to upload a selection to my Classic Car Photography website  and Facebook page.

Historic Winton 2012

Sample Photos from Historic Winton 2012

HistoricWinton2012_1033 HistoricWinton2012_2081 HistoricWinton2012_2123 HistoricWinton2012_3048

We had poached eggs for lunch and then went in to town for a walk and a little bit of shopping. The nicer weather means that it is very pretty in the caravan park today.

After lunch I printed off replacement copies of the legal documents for Mum’s unit; had them certified by a local JP and sent them to Lend Lease using Premium Express Post – a high quality service which offers on-line tracking that we didn’t know existed. We have high hopes that this situation will be resolved very shortly.

Then it was back to working on the photos for the rest of the afternoon and much of the evening as I really need to get the photos finished and uploaded before we leave Wangaratta. As much as anything else we can’t be sure of good internet coverage once we leave here.

This is all very boring for Ann – just as well she has a good book to read.

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